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Location: 150 Hobson St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Country: New Zealand.

Near by Big City: Manukau.

About The Institute: Cornell has an excellent reputation for delivering high quality courses over a long period of time., has large size-over 1,500 students so we can offer a very wide range of courses and facilities. Multicultural-our staff members come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and our students come from over 30 different countries.Its courses meet students' needs as it is NZQA registered tertiary institute offering academic and practical qualifications to suit your needs. Job search centre-iCareer helps find you jobs whilst you are studying and after you have completed your studies.

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Experienced and qualified staff-both practical and academic and all are prepared to do the extra hours to help you. Cornell has high pass rates- normally well above 90%.Its main Campus is in150 Hobson St. Auckland, it also has two more campus in Aukcland- Queen St. Campus and Panmure Campus. Its two other campus is in Tauranga and one is Wilkinson's English Language School (WELS) in Riccarton in Christchurch.

Accommodation: Homestay fee (under 18) NZ$250/wk, Homestay fee (over 18) NZ$290/wk. Admission Requirements- depends on the diploma course you applying for.

IELTS Requirements: Depends on the diploma course you applying for.

Fees Range: 8,000 -28,000 NZ$

*Conditions apply.