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Location: 85 Airedale St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Country: New Zealand.

Near by Big City: Manukau.

About The Institute: Established in 1988 by owner and director, Tim Cooper, EDENZ is a Private Training Establishment (PTE). EDENZ was registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) in 1989 and was one of the first schools in New Zealand and Australia to obtain ISO 9002 quality standards (Q-Base). For almost 30 years EDENZ Colleges has been educating the world for success. So whether you're a student from New Zealand or overseas, you can be sure we have the right course to realise your education and career goals. With 3 Colleges and 2 Academies: ESOL College (English Language Courses), TESOL College (English Language Teacher Training), Business College.

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The New Zealand Film Academy and the Digital Media Academy (3D Animation), students have a wealth of recognised study options leading to further education or specific vocational outcomes. This is why we ensure our learning programmes are academically rigorous and closely connected with industry. Graduates of EDENZ Colleges are highly employable and sought after. We have many success stories of people who have taken their EDENZ Colleges qualifications all over the world.

Accommodation: EDENZ Apartments-Wake up to study by staying in a shared apartment on the top two levels of our Airedale Street Campus. It's a great way to save on the cost of public transport and never be late for class. Two Apartments Supervisors are in residence 24/7 to maintain student safety and monitor behaviour. Accommodation residents have access to public telephones (national and international calls) and the internet (Wi-Fi and Desktop PC internet data plans available to purchase at reception). Starting with Homestay you to adjust to the New Zealand way of life, familiarise yourself with the transport systems, and discover the options available.. All of homestays are checked carefully and must pass a detailed evaluation process. Hostels, Flats, and Apartments-There are many hostels, flats, and apartments in central Auckland, ranging from cheap to expensive, where you supply your own food. It is important to remember that while staying in this type of accommodation offers more independence than a homestay, it requires students to look after themselves and be disciplined in their Admission Requirements- depends on the course you applying for.

Admission Requirement*: Depends on the course you applying for.

IELTS Requirements: Depends on the course you applying for.

Fees Range: Depends on the course you applying for.

*Conditions apply.