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Location: 3, 60 Federal St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Country: New Zealand.

Near by Big City: Manukau.

About The Institute: The Royal Business College was founded in 1996 in New Zealand.Since that time it has grown to become one of the largest and most respected colleges in New Zealand, with four campuses based in Christchurch (Head Office), Auckland, Te Puke and Hastings. Royal Business College is a Category 1Provider, offering the highest NZQA Accredited Qualifications. With career job placements in many of the leading corporates in New Zealand and internationally, we know that our students are prepared for real world positions that will take them where they want to go.

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The Royal Business College is offers the following NZQA accredited courses: RBC Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Innovation of Business Management)Level 7, Diploma in Business Management Level 7, RBC Diploma in Information Technology Level 7, National Diploma in Business Level 6, National Diploma in Business Level 5, RBC Diploma in Computing Level 6, National Diploma in Computing Level 5, RBC Diploma in Horticulture Level 5 and National Diploma in Tourism Management Level 5.

Accommodation: Homestay includes two meals daily, on week days, and three meals daily on weekends and public holidays, for $240 per week. FLATS: A two bedroom unfurnished flat in central Christchurch costs an average of $250 per week. (In Auckland it costs $275). Furnished flats cost an additional $30 – $40 per week. Moving into a flat involves other expenses beside the rent, e.g. bond (weekly rental X 2), agent's fee (rent X 1), electricity bond ($200), telephone connection charge. FLAT SHARING: This is a more economical way of flatting. To get a room in a shared flat costs $70 to $110 per week, plus expenses which include electricity, phone, and food. A bond of 1 or 2 weeks rent is also often charged. STUDENT HOSTELS: The best-known hostel is the YMCA. The rental for long-term accommodation is $136-$146 per week. There are other hostels with more basic facilities which charge $60 (4-person share room) to $100 (twin share) per week.

Admission Requirement*: Depends on the course you applying for

IELTS Requirements: Depends on the course you applying for

Fees Range: 15,000 – 16,000 NZ$

*Conditions apply.