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Location: 1 Finlayson Green, Springleaf Tower, S#06-01, Singapore, 049246

Country: Singapore.

About The Institute : The London School of Business and Finance (informally LSBF) is a private business school based in London, United Kingdom. The school is part of a for-profit education group with campuses in five countries and online.

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It is completely separate from and not affiliated with the similarly-named London Business School (LBS, which is the graduate business school of the University of London) or the London School of Economics.

Bursaries: LSBF's patron, Prince Michael of Kent, sponsors a scholarship scheme at the LSBF for students from emerging markets countries. LSBF's other scholarship programmes include a Corporate scholarship, with a focus on connecting students directly with corporate employers via the LSBF Corporate Division, and The Women in Business Scholarship, intended to help more females to become corporate leaders. There are also scholarships sponsored by LSBF's Principal and Vice Rector.In November 2013, LSBF launched Springboard Scholarship which defers tuition fees for some cash-strapped students until after they have completed their course and their salary has risen by 50 per cent.

 • Private Student Hostels: A number of privately run hostels take in foreigners that hold a Student's pass card issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Students are advised to contact the hostel directly for rental charges.
 • Private Apartments/Houses: Private apartments and houses are typically pricier than most of the above-mentioned types of accommodation. You may engage the services of a property agent to help you find an apartment or house. Often, the agent would charge a fee for the service they perform.
The following are average rental charges for rooms, flats & private student hostel.
 • Flat-share (Renting of whole apartment) Monthly rental - $1500 - $5000
 • Room in Owner-occupied Apartment Monthly rental - $500 - $1500
 • Private Student Hostel Monthly rental - $400 - $1200
 • Private Apartments/Houses Monthly rental - $3500 and above

Admission Requirement*: For overseas students, the entry requirements for our undergraduate programmes are still predominantly based on completed secondary education studies equivalent to UK A Level standard.

IELTS Requirements: Overseas students are also requested to demonstrate a sufficient level of English language proficiency, by taking one of the recognised English language tests.
Target score: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

*Conditions apply.